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"What differentiates Robert as a coach is his specialization in both physical and mental performance. Physical abilities like strength, speed, and agility are crucial, but Robert understands that mental factors contribute to around 50-90% of athletic performance.""

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7+ years of coaching youth soccer in USA & Ireland. 20 years playing

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Mental Strength Coach - Teaching Mental Resilience

Focusing on positive psychological development 


Fully Insured on premises



Technical Skills: Improve technical abilities such as dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, tackling, and heading. Coach Robert is an advocate & founder of the "First Touch Principle" and "Game Anticipation".

Physical Conditioning: Developing physical attributes: endurance, speed, agility, strength & flexibility.

Individual Development: Providing tailored assessments & training sessions to improve each player's strengths, work on weaknesses and help them develop their unique skills.

Tactical Understanding: Teaching players game strategies, tactics, formations, positioning and decision-making based on different game situations. Anticipating opponents' moves.

Mental Performance: Providing tools to help players' well-being by focusing on confidence, focus and resilience to deal with pressure & improve decision making.

The Soccer Lab Facility

New turf feld with impact padding


Comfortably supports 4v4


Fully equipped with goals & tech accessories


Floodlights for night sessions


Dedicated space per athlete per session


Additional 30 yard area for shooting practice

30 yard shooting practice working on the latest shooting techniques


Genius Gyms Performance
Integrated Mental Performance program

Backed by Dr. Sarah, an experienced Cognitive Psychologist with 15 years clinical research experience and a demonstrated track-record of grants and publications while at top tier academic universities, including UCLA and UCSD, applying the GeniusGyms program.

Sarah McEwen
Decision-Making and Strategy:

Making effective decisions, adapting to changing situations, and strategic thinking during gameplay.

Emotional Control:

Managing emotions, handling stress, anxiety, and controlling reactions in high-pressure situations.

Visualization and Mental Rehearsal:

Using mental imagery and visualization techniques to prepare for competition and improve performance.

Impacts 50-90% of Athletic Performance 

Have you been told to "Stay Positive", "Be focused", "Get in the game", "Get in the zone" etc. But how do you achieve this? The majority of coaches out there are ill-equipped to help athletes with their mental performance and focus only on the physical aspect to push you further.

Coach Robert helps you set goals and gives you the tools to help prepare and maintain mental performance in these areas:

Focus and Concentration:

Maintaining focus during training and competition, avoiding distractions, and staying concentrated on the task at hand.

Confidence and Mindset:

Believing in one's abilities, having self-confidence, and managing doubts or insecurities.

Motivation and Mental Toughness:

Staying motivated, overcoming adversity, and developing resilience to handle pressure, setbacks, and challenges.

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Elevate your game by improving your cognitive skills through 11-aside VR scenarios recreated from real life games.

We offer advanced Virtual Reality in-game scanning and vision training to improve memory and awareness.

Scanning is vital for enhanced vision, decision-making, & teamwork.


Advanced decision making

Soccer is all about space and time. Professional players scan around them before they receive the ball.The difference between a pro-player and an aspiring player is that they are able to make decisions before they receive the ball vs on the ball.

This training  gains vital seconds and half yards over opponents & this teaches young players what their coaches cannot. 


Combining Brain Cognition & Soccer

Robert uses technology to help soccer players improve: reaction and response speed, spatial awareness, peripheral vision, cognitive processing, motor control and coordination. Backed by neuroscientists and cogntive psychologists validated by the Genius Gyms program.

Sessions in Action

Scanning and Peripheral Awareness to improve decision making

Agility, Footwork and Passing Awareness

Passing Awareness

Increased Cognitive Load

Pass and Move Awareness

Turning on the Ball

Importance of Coming to the Ball

Agility course and First Touch

Passing to Break Defensive Lines

Receiving and Passing with both Feet

Plyometrics on the back foot

Cognition and Response Time


15 Minute Consultation

Free Zoom consultation to ensure the athlete qualifies for the program. Candidates are expected to have specific goals set that they are looking to achieve.

Cognitive Assessment

We quantify core aspects of your brain cognition using a set of fun and scientifically- validated cognitive tasks. As soon as you've completed the assessment, a report will be instantly generated and available to review.


Physical Assessment 

We measure the athletes physical performance including speed, strength, balance, heart rate variability, flexibility etc., using latest biomarker technology.

Data Review of Results

We compile a report combining the athletes mental and physical performance and review them with the athlete identifying strengths and areas to improve.

Personalized Exercise Plan

Based on the goals of the athlete combined with the results of Cognitive and Physical assessments, we generate a personalized step by step plan to help the athlete achieve their goals.

Execution: Sessions Plan  

We schedule individual 1:1 sessions with the athlete to execute the plan via weekly sessions. We also run cognitive and physical assessments throughout to measure the athletes progress.

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Locations and Call Out



- Poway

- La Jolla
UCSD Qualcomm Institute, Atkinson Hall – Fifth Floor, 9500 Gilman Drive #0436 La Jolla, CA 92093

- Available for Callout in San Diego County