US National Polo Player – Genius Gyms Case Study

"Using the Genius Gyms app and programs allowed me to improve my thinking ability and awareness. I have found this is the best way to replicate late game fatigue and provided me with the best focus possible while the game is on the line" Jared Sheldon

Big Improvements using our Cognitive Training

Jared Sheldon is a professional Polo player representing the USA at the national level. We helped Jared improve his cognitive function to help him with the mental demands required to perform at the highest level during his games.

Jared participated in the Genius Gyms neuro-cognitive program for athletes over a two month period, where he completed our validated cognitive tasks under the supervision of our Cognitive Psychologist.

Jared completed his cognitive assessment, a report we generated and reviewed with him via our Cognitive Psychologist to build his mental and physical training plan.

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Genius Gyms Results

An internationally-renowned professional athlete completed 2 months of the Genius Gyms App Cognitive Conditioning Program, which was individually tailored to the athlete to improve their response inhibition and reasoning deficiencies, this lead to clinically meaningful increases in:
  • Response inhibition: 60% increase
  • Deductive reasoning: 38% increase
Additionally, we found increases in cognitive performance across a range of abilities in this client for:
  • Spatial short term memory (21% increase)
  • Working memory (12% increase)
  • Visual spatial processing (7% increase)
  • Attention (4% increase)
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Cognitive Assessments Are For Everyone

Whether you're recovering from a brain injury, have been diagnosed with a mental health condition such as ADHD, or are simply seeking ways to maintain or optimize your brain's performance.

Measuring your cognition will give you insights that enable you to take the steps you need to improve your quality of life.

Our scientifically-validated cognitive assessment platform can be used to objectively measure and monitor cognition using a standardized method for quickly measuring core brain functions, such as memory, reasoning, verbal ability and concentration.

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