Genius Gyms Cognitive Performance

Developed by a Cognitive Psychologist


Genius Gyms is a patent pending ground-breaking new way to improve brain & body health that uses well validated neurocognitive tasks to create a data-driven, engaging exercise and cognitive training experience for athletes and students.


Improves overall physical fitness with a specific emphasis on increasing brain functioning for performing the following cognitive skills: memory, attention, language, processing speed, executive functioning and motor skill coordination improving mental performance.


The Genius Gyms program is developed by Cognitive Psychologist, Dr. Sarah McEwen, who was trained at UCLA in the fields of neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience and exercise-induced neuroplasticity.Dr. McEwen is also an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer and graduated from the UCLA Fitness Leadership program. Dr. McEwen’s academic research has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals and her exercise and cognitive training research projects have been funded by the National Institute of Health (including NIMH and NIA branches), Department of Defense and several other private foundations. The Genius Gyms training program has been featured on the Tennis Channel and Red Bull TV.
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How can I benefit from Genius Gyms?

Cognitive Coaching

Access to our Cognitive Performance coaching helping athletes and students deal with adversity and perform under all conditions to their maximum ability through assessments and targeted plans.

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Find your mental strengths and weaknesses to help you find your edge. Quantify core aspects of your brain performance using a set of fun, gamified, and scientifically - validated cognitive tasks. Cognitive assessments are for everyone. 

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You train your body, but what about your mind?
Doing Genius Gyms 15 minutes a day, targets Anxiety & improves Athlete & Academic performance.

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Genius Gyms offers consulting services to organizations looking to implement validated neuro-cognitive fitness to create data-driven, engaging exercise and cognitive training experiences for its customers.

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