Mental Performance Coaching

We help individuals effectively deal with stress, pressure & challenge. We develop mental toughness & improve Memory, Attention, Reasoning & Speed developing qualities such as character, resilience & grit.

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What we offer to improve Mental Performance

Cognitive Assessment

We generate an instant report quantifying core aspects of your brain cognition using a set of fun and scientifically- validated cognitive tasks

Physical Assessment

We measure physical performance including speed, strength, balance, heart rate variability, flexibility etc., using latest biomarker technology

Goal Setting

Defining measurable and time-bound objectives that align with an individual's values and vision, providing a roadmap for focused action

Personalized Training Plan

Individual 1:1 weekly sessions to execute the plan. We also run cognitive and physical assessments throughout to measure the progress

Ways we Improve Mental Performance


Cognitive Training

Cognitive training helps athletes by sharpening mental skills that are crucial for peak performance. It enhances focus and concentration and speeds up accurate decision-making processes



Visualization is the cognitive process of forming mental images of desired outcomes, experiences, or scenarios, which can enhance motivation, performance, and the achievement of goals by mentally rehearsing and preparing for future events


Positive Self Talk

Positive self-talk is the practice of intentionally replacing negative, self-defeating internal dialogue with affirmative, encouraging statements that boost confidence, motivation, and resilience


Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the introspective process of examining one's thoughts, emotions, beliefs, motivations, and behaviors to gain a deep understanding of one's authentic self, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth


Attentional Control

Attentional control is the ability to selectively concentrate on relevant information while ignoring distractions, allowing for sustained focus and cognitive resources to be allocated effectively towards desired tasks or goals


Anxiety Control

Anxiety control is the practice of recognizing and managing feelings of excessive worry, fear, or unease through techniques like deep breathing, cognitive restructuring, and relaxation strategies to maintain a calm and focused state

Our Scientific Approach

We combine cognitive, physical and psychological components to develop mental resilience and toughness learning to deal with stress and adversity.


Who can benefit most?



Our mental performance coaching can provide invaluable support to athletes by developing their mental toughness, confidence, and psychological skills.

Through goal-setting, visualization, routines, and anxiety management techniques, the coach helps athletes enhance focus, resilience, and the ability to thrive under pressure. Furthermore, the coach offers an objective perspective to identify limiting beliefs, address mental blocks, and instill productive mindsets.

With our guidance, athletes can improve motivation, consistency, team dynamics, and the capacity to navigate challenges like injuries or transitions. Ultimately, mental performance coaching equips athletes with the mental fortitude to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential.


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Working with our  mental performance coaches can provide invaluable benefits for individuals with ADHD. The coach helps develop tailored strategies to improve focus, attention control, emotional regulation, and time management skills.

They guide the practice of mindset shifts, goal-setting, and motivation enhancement techniques ideally suited for ADHD challenges.

Additionally, coaching explores procrastination roots, builds self-advocacy abilities, and provides support during major life transitions. See research validation.

We equip those with ADHD with personalized tools, routines, and the mindset training to effectively manage symptoms, build on strengths, and reach their full potential across all life domains.


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